Not all Men

Every father has his own style. His own way to live. His own way to participate. His own way to love. His own way on being a dad.

He is barely acknowledged really, barely given that time to be honored. He's often seen on the sidelines and when he shows that he is proud and that he is blessed, he represents a challenge. That challenge can be anything and in any form. Cause he is simple and realistic and doesn't fear joy.

He is what every persona a parent becomes or wants to be. That persona which is too impossible to define.

Being a father is far beyond this role of manly chores and discipline. It is far more than doing dishes or cleaning the car. It is beyond more than bringing the kids to school or doing the laundry. Cause being a dad can't be summed up to just a thing. It can't be pointed out out loud and dissipate. It is something expressed with love and integrity. Something that can be profound yet utterly subtle. Every dad is different and caring will always take precedence over everything else. He is your number one dad, the star of the hour and man of the year.

Happy Father's Day to all dads who make your family THE priority. Cause not all men can.