The Vegan Starter

Contributing content writer: Patrica Araneta Guerrero

Veganism begins with knowing the lifestyle.  

Knowing the lifestyle comes with a lot of passion and principle.  

A lot say it's not easy to be one.  Some say not necessarily.  I guess when your whole family decides to be meat eaters and you are trying to be a vegan, then it becomes a struggle. For Real!

But let us face the facts.

The variety of food products has been introduced in so many markets that specially cater for vegans.  The popularity of it even makes a non-vegan eat a vegan diet meal.  That's what makes it great.  It's acceptance informs and provides awareness about food nutrition and healthier living.     

What's the basis for becoming a Vegan?  Are there typical reasons why one ventures into veganism?



Personal health?


There are so many reasons that are being tackled day to day.   Being a vegan has the most reasons of keeping it STRONG.  Strength in knowledge, strength in the types of food they consume and strength in benefits

And how does one go about in adopting this lifestyle?   

Educate yourself on what to do first.   Get your toes wet.  Feed your mind and soul on what it is to be a vegan.  Eat, breathe and live the ways of vegan living.   Immerse yourself in the beginnings of the vegan way.  They say, start by eliminating animal cruelty in your life.  

Check the types of food you eat.  No meat or any animal byproduct.

Fashion? Buy vegan leather.

Social Adventures? Limit or prevent going to places that trap and restrict animals in having a natural habitat.   The circus.  Or any tourism promotion that exploits animals. 

Skin care and cosmetics?  Avoid products that does animal testing. Go with Vegan ingredients.  *** Freshique's Vegan Pomegranate Lip Balm*** 





Being aware is the key to everything in this world.   As a Vegan Starter, you'll increase your knowledge base on how you can help the planet environmentally, physically and ethically.  And as a vegan starter, you can choose to protect yourself too.