Reducing Our Environmental Impacts

Science no doubt has been showing us of the planet’s unfolding environment crisis and climate disruption. We could say we are at a point of no return, and we must decisively and actively take part in finding solutions to save lives, ease suffering and lessen the destructive economic and social consequences. 

But how do we influence change as ordinary global citizens? To heal Mother Earth, each one of us must take one conscious sustainable daily act. The ultimate goal? Healthier lives and a greener planet.

The hardest part though is always when and how to start. So here is a listing of simple actions you and I can own up to and say “Yes! I am going to do this today!”. Then let us do it for a week. And continue doing it for another week. Then let us say to ourselves, another week to go will be easy. Until we complete a month. Then these actions become part of our daily, weekly and/ or monthly routine, effortlessly.  

Make these our personal “go green program ideas, solutions and strategies”. Easy and practical little inspirational actions, for you and me: 

1. Our elders always remind us to make a note of the errands to be made before going out of the house. Always a great reminder. Keeping it organized this way saves time and makes efficient use of energy by doing as much in one planned trip.    

2. Doing our errands on a bike or walking when possible, is best. That’s exercise and saves fuel money and less pollution in the air. 

3. Making a new purchase? Let us first check our local groups such as The Freecycle Network (gifting groups to divert reusable goods from landfills) and see if they have anything we need. 

4. Shop at thrift stores. We help the local economy, save money while also recycling/ upcycling.

5. Donate leftover amenities (those we stash during our hotel stays), clothes, furniture and appliances to either local thrift stores, shelters and/ or charities.

6. When it is indeed time to buy a new appliance, let us make sure to have the latest energy efficient models. We should ask and check those “energy-star” labels.

7. Buy salvaged furniture, has recycled parts, made of renewable materials, and/ or locally produced.

8. Whenever possible, let us buy in bulk.

9. Look and buy from zero waste refill and plastic package - free local shops.

10. Support the economy by visiting the farmers’ markets at our locality.

11. Food delivery? Book those restaurants closest to us, maybe even from our next door neighbor! Less environmental pollutants, saves and reduces delivery costs, and we get to support local establishments!

12. Whenever we go out and even during our travels, let us bring our own reusable water bottle. Let us stop buying disposable bottles. Let us refuse plastic bottles.

13. Never leave home / work place without our reusable bag. Similarly, let us stop buying and using disposable bags. Let us refuse plastic bags.

14. If as a customer we are given an option to purchase carbon credits to offset our lifestyle, let us do so.

15. Make that switch to cloth diapers. We may slowly start by using at least 1 cloth diaper per day. That would be 365 less disposable non-biodegradable diapers in the landfills annually! Imagine if there are more moms who will try to use 1 cloth diaper per day?

16. Keep our homes safe! Let us buy non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning, laundry and dishwashing products. Let us check those labels.

17. Keep our bodies safe and healthy! Let us buy organic, non-GMO, biodegradable, fair trade, locally-produced, cruelty-free products (hair and body care, coffee and tea, etc.).

18. When it is time to change the lightbulbs, let us switch to energy efficient types. Checking labels is important.

19. We love shopping. But the time has come for us to buy only what we need in the quantity that we require for our food, cleaning supplies, among other things in the house and work spaces.

20. Share this list with another person in your circle and encourage them to take these steps as well. 

Which of the above have you done or currently practicing? And who among you are ready to do these, one day at a time? 

Share with us your eco-sustainable journey! We would love to know about it and if you’re willing, allow us to share with our online followers, and get them inspired.

Let us stand up with the rest of the sustainable lifestyle warriors, in facing environmental, societal and climate change challenges. We are going GREENER and more RESPONSIBLE towards a better and SUSTAINABLE future!