For a simple YOU

by Patricia Guerrero


A simple, natural way of doing things.  Not overrated, not arrogant.  Just flat out right and just.  It has all sorts of directions but just one narrator.  Just one specific goal and it can only be adjusted and revised by oneself.

We can attain an ORGANIC way of living.  Eliminate that obvious disillusion of arrogance and move to a frequent reality of human interaction.  Develop better ways of introducing better and healthier lifestyles.

Maintaining a simple life is as complicated as it can be.  I know, the irony!  But it is and laying out options to make it REAL is a big task to create.

There are so many words linked to this kind of life.  Minimalist lifestyle.  Zero Waste Living.  There are advocates that focus on these types of living to limit life’s materialistic realities and revisit reusable products that can sustain a healthy environment.  One person’s realizations and words can open someone else’s perception of life.  However, not all can give this reality a push.  Some are just too stubborn to think that it has an effect on nature.  They disregard climate change and feast on a melting, tangled Mother earth.  We are all accountable and we all have to face this fact sometime in our near future.  Why not start today, right?

I won’t be a hypocrite and criticize happiness.  Life needs joy and openness and it surely is a desirable state. I believe on all walks of life and all walks of truth.  We try to take an existing problem and try to pacify it. But then again it is an immediate short term solution.

We hear things, work on skills that may prove worthy of today’s dilemma.  It may lead to a better lifestyle if we let that CHANGE in our lives.  Cause after all material goods and riches have been ravaged, the longing for CHANGE materializes AGAIN becomes a need.

The advantage of living in a first world country can be taken as a benefit for most.  But is it?  Food supply is limitless if you are resourceful.  People throw food everywhere and it has become a major moral issue for most societies.  Food itself has a major role in our survival.  Without that respect, we disregard the respect as well for humanity’s survival in other countries that can barely eat due to famine and drought.  I have thrown out the spoiled food I had in refrigerator cause I bought too much groceries.  I have wasted and regretted each banana I disposed of cause I didn’t want it anymore.  I can’t say I want my kid to follow my footsteps.  But awareness as a parent, as a person who lives in a society where food is abundant, I should be firm and be that example starting in our household.

Going natural can simplify any day.  Simplify a person’s mind and body.  Knowing that your body’s intake is not heavily polluted with unknown ingredients.  Learning about chemicals and how it has been used in our daily lives has become concerning.  It has been introduced in our food subtly yet generously.  Chemicals that can cause sickness and degradation.  Chemicals that are UNKNOWN to us.  Chemicals that are in our food that can be a liability in the long run.  How are we responsible?  Do we need to google each name we see everytime we eat a cookie?  Or even buy soap or lotion?  Do we need to be a scientist to physically see what we inhale after spraying heavy cleaners that supposedly create a FRESH lasting smell?  Wouldn’t you prefer breathing real fresh air? It has become THE standard of living.  It has been OUR way of living. Can we go back to how it was, naturally?

Hitting rock bottom has its manipulations.  Realizations become motivations to move forward to create a better you, a better life for your family, a broader view.   There is a lot of expectations.  We as human evolve.  Maybe its time to see a simpler picture.  Maybe a natural attempt for a simple you.

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