An Idea of Why we choose Natural Vs. Synthetic

Contributing Content Writer: Patricia Araneta Guerrero

Do you consider yourself wholesome?

Holistic in mind and body?

We define ourselves on what we believe in.  The perception of a good life and healthy living breathes a certain kind of control.  And this we determine our reason for having to choose between what is considered healthy or harmful for our families. This all boils down to a topic we often hear.

Do we go with Natural or Synthetic?

Is it something worth looking into or is it simply a waste of our time?  It surely is still an open discussion.

Is it something worth looking into?  Or is it simply a waste of our time?

We often see families go by an option of price and quality.  Why? Because we go by what we can provide for all the heads in a unit at the same time not compromising the wholeness of that product. A big example of this is the ingredients listed on each item.

We find ways and find the time to see what is healthier in our household.  We use items that kids would be able to use or apply without the worry or fuss.  

Why Natural?

Natural is an open book.  Natural is whole and simple.  It is the basic and truest of its form.

Synthetic products have masked ingredients to make it appealing for consumers to buy. Most of these items are pumped with chemicals not to mention how these products are tested.  They are most likely to be toxic and have harmful effects on skin or the environment.

We may be swayed by brands and products because we believe it could be better for our homes and for the people in our family.

Are we truly aware of what is better and what is real?

Care products should be real in thought and real in use.  We may hear promises of good products but bear no truth.  Real ingredients that are safe and basic.

Why go with synthetic when the obvious truths are tangible?

Let's stick to safe, Let's stick to safe, non-toxic, family friendly natural products that are great for the environment and great for the home as well.