A THANKSGIVING & living organically


Another year, another blessing.  

Thanking the heavens for the joys of motherhood and piling tasks that never get done.


But of course, I am grateful.  I am thankful.  I am happy.  Cause motherhood has changed my perspective. A view that can't be replaced or translated in any kind of language.  

At the end of each day, we mommas are not bound to what we have accomplished or what we are about to create.  But we are grateful for the blessing that it has presented.  The joy of being a mom and experiencing the love of a child.  

Another gift, relentless and surreal, is a movement I have prayed to be part of my life, for my family.  It is something that relates to the simplest form of truth that my family needs to adapt.  To say that it is a standard we aim to have in our household is different from having a complete lifestyle change.  Honestly, instilling this as a choice is a hard-earned struggle but surely will improve our future somehow. 

When I look at the options we have today, I am most particular about what my son will enjoy and benefit most.  It is not something indifferent or hyped.  It is something very basic and simple.  When people think organic or sustainable, they think expensive. They think it is unreasonable and it is just something in trend.  The importance is not realized because of the choice based on price and not on quality.  As a mom, when I see these kinds of words, I see how important the truth of each ingredient is.  It doesn't matter what type of product I have.  I based it on the simplest form of the ingredient. The simplest, most basic ingredient.  

What is it?

It is the TRUTH, my dear moms!  

The truth of each product you use at home should reflect what is safe for your kids.  The importance of each ingredient used defines clean, sustainable living that roots from a very natural household.  And being a mom it is a priority on my list.  

So a BIG BIG thank you to the people who keep this movement alive!  For people keep creating organic items that keep the TRUTH alive in products we use and instilling the TRUTH in natural ingredients in food and home products.  


Source from our contributing writer's blogsite: http://www.parchood.com