An Organic Kind of Love

It is what moms have, it is what moms share.   

It is what every woman gives and it is something genuinely fair.

It is a pure kind that is not biased or shamed.

It is the best kind there is and by far best when shared.

Moms have an organic kind of love and it flows deep.  Deeper than relationships and kin.  It is a natural outburst of compassion and selflessness.  It's surface is concrete and the core is genuine. 

Mother's are a rare kind of breed and they are one of a kind. From the day we consider our children's lives are greater than our own, we step into a  circle of protection and reason.  We become caretakers of life.  We become sustainably carriers of simple joys. We recognize that feeling, that ultimate understanding of that kind of love and is limitless.   It doesn't know shape, color, race or pride.  It's an earthly compassion that lingers.  

A Happy Mother's Day for all mom's who look out for their families and live by honest truths. 

Dear Mom, we thank you!

We celebrate your awesomeness and we celebrate  you.  

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