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Contributing Content Writer: Patricia Guerrero

As human beings, we are susceptible to our environment. We are human shaped sponges that absorb and breathe almost any thing in the air. We are open to everything and not protected by anything.  We have believed that certain chemicals or ingredients that are sprayed or wiped around our surroundings can kill germs 99.9 %.  Yes, I believe it could too.  But how does it affect us?  That is the other side of the story.  Can it also gradually deteriorate our body 99.9%?

Cleaners that create a very strong, powerful smell are identified as best disinfectants.  But these same ingredients are likely toxic chemicals that can be inhaled by anyone in our household. So how sure are we that we are using the right kind of cleaner or spray?

Unknown chemicals are not only hazardous but these make us vulnerable. These cleaning products are influenced and advertised all throughout the world without informing us on how it can also affect our bodies and brain. Exposure to these types of chemicals affect our whole entire system. Awareness is the key and with products that AVOID indicating the ingredients and OMITTING its properties has something to hide. 

I would like to share with you a research done by Dr. Gideon Koren that has factually presented product composition and effects.  

"Dr. Virginia Salares specialized in indoor air quality was asked about products being marketed to young families.  One product we looked at — Lysol Anti-bacterial Action Spray — lists ethanol 79 per cent. Not just any ethanol, Salares, says. It's denatured ethanol.

Here's what she discovered about denatured ethanol: May cause irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, may cause central nervous system depression if inhaled or ingested.  There's also alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride — a pesticide.  The ads suggest you can spray this every day, where kids are playing. Salares says that's something parents should think about. "Do they want to spray the air people are breathing? Or that kids with toys or surfaces that children are touching, do they want them sprayed?" Clorox Disinfecting Wipes lists two ingredients: dimethyl benzyl ammonia chloride 0.145 percent and dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonia chloride. Again, more pesticides."(Koren). 

Remember how your grandma would always use baking soda on everything? Well, she was one great influencer in homemade cleaning.  Using water, oil, baking soda, vinegar or just your basic soap and water technique are the best tools to use also known as homemade remedies for cleaning stove tops and kitchen counters.  These basic ingredients also left a common smell, an aroma, pungent and unpleasant.

So, with basic natural cleaners comes a very exciting additive. This is what we all call EO or essential oil.  Liquid essence of a plant. Concentrated liquids that clean, aromatize, disinfect and are naturally pleasing to our senses.  Naturally healthier and more stable than any toxic chemicals found in name brand cleaners and sprays.

With FRESHIQUE, our natural handmade cleaners have no harsh chemicals and are safe for the whole family.  Our cleaners are infused with Essential Oils. By using natural products, we can offer YOU, YOUR family and pets a healthy cleaning experience by protecting your health against harsh chemicals. Clean, free and green cleaning.   

Eliminating the Toxic Mixture
By Edward R Close, PhD, PE  and  Jacquelyn A Close, RA (1985)

Warning rise in childhood poisonings with household chemical
Research done by, Dr. Gideon Koren; a pediatrician, pharmacologist and toxicologist.


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    Nice article. Its a need of today to use green cleaning products to save the environment.

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